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Top 5 tips for choosing new skin care

With so many skin care products available these days, it's hard to feel confident in your choice. Here are my top 5 tips to consider when choosing new skin care products. first ingredient presence of chemicals [...]

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Empowering Women

What the heck is empowering women? Is it a tribe of female weightlifters set out to lure you into crossfit? Have you seen crossfit thighs? The word empower has been tossed around a lot lately [...]

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Seven Steps to Successful Selling

Seven Steps to Successful Selling 1. Choose to sell a tangible product or intangible item/service. (Ex: jewelry vs. insurance). Most people do best with one or the other. I like to sell tangible items (skin [...]

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My name is Jean and as I turned 60, I thought “make due with the skin I have”. Then I was introduced to Empower products and now I know at 70, my skin will look better than today. Cleanse & night cream at night (simple). Wash off with clean water, apply youth infusion and moisture in the morning and good to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Empower has empowered me to empower others to become part of this family of independent business owner and spread the word!
Jean Stacey, Independent Business Owner, Empower International

Beginning is easy.

Here’s what to expect.

Choose 1, 3, 6 or 9 EB3 kits. Pick 1 if you are trying the product. Choose 3, 6 or 9 if you are beginning your business journey.

BONUS: When choosing 3, 6 or 9 EB3 kits, you’ll get a FREE kit AND the price drops so that you can earn more PROFIT. I RECOMMEND 6 KITS (it seems to work out the best for my new IBOs based on cost/profit).

Within 24 hours of enrolment, you will get an email from Calgary Empower (Gwen) to schedule the Rising Star BONUS, your goals, first steps and meeting your new team. Fun!! You can call Gwen anytime too (1-587-400-0786).

Your personal website is free for the first month, then $19 each month afterwards. It is unique to Empower International, is easy & fun to use and full of resources and tools. To see what your website will look like, click HERE.

Your business will be structured based on the life you want to design.  It can be retail, multi-level, social selling or direct selling. Or all of it. We will discuss this during our initial contact.

You will attend monthly team meetings, either in person or online. They occur on the second Monday every month. These are not mandatory but HIGHLY SUGGESTED as it’s one of the fastest ways to learn, grow your business and get to know your fellow team mates.

You will attend our larger events every 2-3 months for training and celebration.  They are also great for bringing guests who want to learn more about Empower and to meet the CEO and other top leaders. 

We are an extremely supportive environment. Our culture is one of integrity, support and kindness and is expected from all.

We are all about continuing education and you will begin your transformation to a better you right away through books, online training and some complimentary business training.

Generally, it will take about a year for you to start feeling really confident and about 3 years of consistent effort to see significant income. For some it takes longer and for others, it happens quicker. It will all depend on you & we are here to guide you.

Finally, the success you see in your business will be all yours and any failure will be on you too. We don’t blame others for our business and if you take full responsibility for yours, you will soar. If you’ve read this far, call me right away, I’ve got a gift for you. – Gwen 1-587-400-0786.