Seven Steps to Successful Selling

Seven Steps to Successful Selling

1. Choose to sell a tangible product or intangible item/service. (Ex: jewelry vs. insurance). Most people do best with one or the other. I like to sell tangible items (skin care products that you can smell, feel & try) & my friend sells insurance well.

2. Understand the product, at least a little in the beginning (your understanding will grow as you grow).

3. Use it yourself if applicable.

4. Gather testimonials from others that use the product/service.

5. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you’re doing.

6. Make new friends everyday either in person or on social media.

7. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Devote time every day to personal development and self esteem. The more you like yourself, the easier it is to be genuine to others.

BONUS: I listen to audiobooks in my car by Brian Tracey, Jim Rohn, Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, etc… PM me for how I get them into my car for free.

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