Empowering Women

What the heck is empowering women? Is it a tribe of female weightlifters set out to lure you into crossfit? Have you seen crossfit thighs? The word empower has been tossed around a lot lately and in 2016, it seemed to be the theme. But what does it really mean?

Here’s my take on empowering women…

The theme of empowering women is hot right now because so many of us have been on the road of self development but get stuck. With access to the internet and the ability to learn anything we want, we have become a nation of smarter women who don’t know what to do with it.

We could advance in our career but we know that careers have a cap. We’ve grown as women yet, we’ve got nowhere new to go. Tony Robbins, Harv T. Ecker, Eric Worre & Jim Rohn and been whispering in our ear for years “there’s more” “go for it” “be true to yourself”  and so on. HOW???

Empowering women is helping each other achieve more by teaching the skills to create something beautiful and fulfilling. It’s actual direction for all that energy & how to harness it.

But we are conditioned to work for a pension. What if I don’t want to retire? What if I’m not ready to retire? I’m educated, social, good at my job but limited in my next move.

we can empower others only after we’ve empowered ourselves

Have you ever met a woman who changed everything in her life in her 40’s? How about one that retired only to come back to work part time? Imagine working your whole life just to retire and then not knowing what to do. These women and the women who want something better for themselves need that next step – empowerment.

That’s why the direct selling industry has exploded. Not just because we like to buy from each other, but because it gives us a way to empower ourselves and each other by offering us the ability to create something beautiful. That’s what I think empowering women is all about. Just saying..

What does it mean to you? Do you feel empowered?

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