About Empower


charity-rev-2Empower International Inc. started as an idea on February 13, 2013. The idea came from years of working with First Nations people, and observing the ongoing struggle that aboriginal women face to support themselves and their children. Empower was officially launched March 1, 2014 with two Aboriginal Founding Partners.

The red feather of our logo symbolizes physical vitality, courage, good fortune, and life – in honour of Aboriginal peoples.

Empower is a company that inspires all people, from all walks of life, to be independent business owners, and enable them to control their financial future with confidence, strength, and honour. Confidence skin-care, Strength hair-care, and Honour body-care are our exclusive lines of excep- tional, high quality products that can be retailed through social selling, one-on-ones, or Power Par- tiesTM. These high quality products are Aloe Vera based, and use the natural berries of the indige- nous plants of North America.

Empower is committed to training and mentoring, to provide every person with the skills and tools to establish themselves as a successful businesses owner.

Our CEO, the lovely Deb Bateman, has worked extremely hard to bring this company to fruition. Her Son & Daughter both work with her at the corporate level. It truly is a family company.

Deb has also been nominated for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year is in the final 200 nominees. Amazing! Congrats Deb!

We are a skin care line and have 11 products:

1.EB3 Confidence 3 step system to beautiful, healthy skin. It contains a Cleanser, RENEW (our top product) & am/pm moisturizer

2.Shampoo & Conditioner

3.Shower Gelproduct-stock-photo-with-aloe

4.Body Butter

5.Youth Serum/Eye Serum

6.BB Crème

7.Hydrating Pads

8. ***NEW*** Nighttime Probiotic Aloe Treatment

We are unique because all over our products contain 51% or more aloe. Our first ingredient is not water or alcohol. They also contain apple, green tea, wild blueberries, grapefruit, grape seeds, raspberries, raspberry seeds, and strawberries. Papaya, Pineapple & pumpkin can also be found along with other proven natural ingredients.

Of course we cannot grow aloe here in Canada so our lab is in Texas. Our warehouse is in the Calgary area though and all our events currently take place in Alberta.

Our team of distributors is growing at a very rapid pace. We are looking for women across Canada to help us bring the message of empowering woman to all Canadian women.

You can choose one EB3 kit, 3, 6 or 9 kits. Pick just one if you are only trying out the product. Pick the 3,6 or 9 if you want to start your business. When you choose either 3, 6 or 9, you’ll get a free EB3 and the price drops so you will earn more on each kit you sell.
You will get a call from me or one of my top leaders to schedule a game-plan interview. It will be in person, over the phone or skype: whichever works best for you & will happen within 24 hours.
(our freaking awesome website) is free for the first month, then $19 each month afterwards. There is lite version but if you’re going to do the business, you’ll want the full version. It contains recourses and a business centre for email, a phone # and much more.
There are different ways to run your Empower Business and we will discuss it at the game-plan interview. Basically, you can do retail, multi-level, social selling or direct selling. Or all of it. It will really depend on you.
You will attend weekly training events. Right now it happens on Tuesday nights at 7 pm in Calgary. You can join us online if you can’t make it in person. These are not mandatory but HIGHLY SUGGESTED It’s one of the fastest ways to learn and the social aspect is great.
You will attend our larger events, usually every 2-3 months and these are great for bringing guests who want to learn more about us.

We are an extremely supportive environment. Our culture is one of integrity, support and kindness and is expected from all.

We are all about continuing education and you will begin your transformation to a better you right away through books, online training and some complimentary business training.

Generally, it will take about a year for you to start to feel really confident and about 3 years of consistent effort to see significant income. For some it takes longer and others, it happens quicker. It will all depend on you but we are here to guide you.

Finally, the success you see in your business will be all yours and any failure will be on you too. We don’t blame others for our business and if you take full responsibility for yours, you will soar. If you’ve read this far, call me right away, I’ve got a gift for you. – Gwen