About Gwen

Gwen Dunn Calgary AlbertaHi! My name is Gwen and I love meeting new people.

You see, I moved to Calgary from Newfoundland in 2002 to begin my Respiratory Therapy career. Back home I was used to TONS of family around, all of the time. Our kitchen was always alive with laughter and friendship! In the big city though, often my home was quiet.

I met my amazing husband, Will, in 2003 and we now have a fun little boy, also William. I still missed my family back home though and a short while after starting in the direct sales business (because I wanted extra income and more control over my schedule), I found that I was constantly surrounded by fun women. I just love having parties and getting to know all different kinds of souls.

My business became very serious for me in 2015 when I decided to go all in. I had learned enough about money and business that I felt I was on the right path. I began a 2-year business course with Make Your Mark and quickly learned the skills required to go from dabbler to real business owner.

I am truly on purpose when, not only can I bring women together, but when I get to teach a woman how to earn extra income from home, doing what I do. Whether she just wants to stay home longer with small children or to have something fun to do in retirement, I relish the opportunity to help guide her along that path.

In my spare time, I am constantly learning but I also enjoy other things. My family and I camp a lot in BC and we have a special little place near Cranbrook. I love to ride my motorcycle and I love to run. My son and I ride our mountain bikes together and he is into hockey; so I am at the rink a lot.

My Respiratory Therapy career is ending now as I transition into my business full time and Im grateful for all it has given me. Ive helped many lives and many of my best friends come from my time there. Respiratory Therapy is listed as Canadas #40 best profession to be in and Id encourage anyone thinking of it to give it a closer look.

I love life and I love people. My own life is a blessing and Im grateful for every day.