What the heck is empowering women? Is it a tribe of female weightlifters set out to lure you into crossfit? Have you seen crossfit thighs? The word empower has been tossed around a lot lately and in 2016, it seemed to be the theme. But what does it really mean?

Here’s my take on empowering women…

The theme of empowering women is hot right now because so many of us have been on the road of self development but get stuck. With access to the internet and the ability to learn anything we want, we have become a nation of smarter women who don’t know what to do with it.

We could advance in our career but we know that careers have a cap. We’ve grown as women yet, we’ve got nowhere new to go. Tony Robbins, Harv T. Ecker, Eric Worre & Jim Rohn and been whispering in our ear for years “there’s more” “go for it” “be true to yourself”  and so on. HOW???

Empowering women is helping each other achieve more by teaching the skills to create something beautiful and fulfilling. It’s actual direction for all that energy & how to harness it.

But we are conditioned to work for a pension. What if I don’t want to retire? What if I’m not ready to retire? I’m educated, social, good at my job but limited in my next move.

we can empower others only after we’ve empowered ourselves

Have you ever met a woman who changed everything in her life in her 40’s? How about one that retired only to come back to work part time? Imagine working your whole life just to retire and then not knowing what to do. These women and the women who want something better for themselves need that next step – empowerment.

That’s why the direct selling industry has exploded. Not just because we like to buy from each other, but because it gives us a way to empower ourselves and each other by offering us the ability to create something beautiful. That’s what I think empowering women is all about. Just saying..

What does it mean to you? Do you feel empowered?

work from home today

Is it time to work from home?

Maybe you’re tired of your boss or maybe you’ve been laid off. Maybe you’ve been presented with an opportunity and are thinking, is it really worth it? It’s hard to tell until you do it so here is what I’ve learned so far, to help you make the decision for yourself.

I began to work from home part time in 2009 when I started my first home-based business. I was still working as a Respiratory Therapist but in 2016, I left my employment to work from home full time (and I love it). Here’s what I’ve noted so far.

Work from home Advantages

  • Complete control over your schedule; you can work in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Whatever works for your lifestyle. I like to spend time with my little boy and after he goes to bed, I get a little more work done. I schedule my activities outside the home around his schedule.
  • Work in your pjs, yoga pants, underwear or whatever you desire.
  • Tax deductions; speak with your accountant to learn more.
  • Free from office politics, gossip, drama and griping. Working from home could be a fresh start for someone who is tired of all that garbage, I know I was.
  • More time around family & pets. I love how my dog wraps himself around my feet when I’m working on a blog or chatting with prospects and team members. He’s so soft and cuddly!
  • Less temptation to eat junk food. You drink more water and you’ll most likely save on eating out.
  • You can create the environment you want to work in with music on or off and your home cozy or chilled. I do my best work next to an open window with the breeze gently moving the curtains. I love sunshine in my kitchen and warming my back.
  • You tend to do a lot more personal development & may even develop your personal library. Your kids see your accomplishments and it could inspire them to read & learn.  Achievement becomes tangible to them as they see you prioritize education and development.

Really, you can work from anywhere, not just home. You could go on vacation to the beach and take your business with you. I like to go home & visit my parents (5000 km away) so I take my work with me.

Work from home disadvantages

As with everything, there are some disadvantages when you work from home.

  • It’s easy to get distracted by ‘house’ tasks therefore self discipline is required to work from home. Only a handful of people can work without having someone tell them what to do. I create a system or habit for specific tasks. I reward myself for focused completion. Creating lists and ‘eating that frog‘ gives you an outline for what’s to be accomplished in a day. I also note when I am most creative and strive to work then. I don’t push myself at the times of day when I’m least productive (between 9 at 11 am). Sometimes I’ll go to a coffee shop, the library or my mother-in-law’s empty condo and work for a bit there.
  • There’s the social aspect and some may find it lonely to work from home.
  • Especially in network marketing, your income will be more variable and it takes time to build up to the income you want.
  • It’s possible that you could need to invest in office equipment such as an good laptop, printer and office material & software.
  • In network marketing, you will have to leave the house to meet with prospects or perform parties/markets. Skype is great but you’ll still need to hit the pavement at times.  I love this part because I’m very social and I dictate with whom I spend my time.

Why YOU would work from home

Your reasons for choosing to work from home are probably very simple and it could be only one of the advantages I listed above. It’s the courage to design a life that YOU want & not what someone else prescribes for you, that eludes most. Reflection and goals will help you decide. My reasons were simple;

1. I wanted to be home with my son more while he’s still young.

2. I wanted to protect my mindset from negative & destructive attitudes.

2. And I wanted to break Parkinson’s Law and create true wealth.

It takes goals, time, patience & dedication however, it’s worth it.

How to work from home

For decisions like this, I like to make a pro/con list because it is an objective look at what you face. With your pen, divide paper into two halves and put the PROS on one side and the CONS on the other. Really take the time to brainstorm all the points applicable to your decision but first, just write down everything that comes to mind – no matter how obscure or irrelevant it might seem.  Then, go back over it and look more closely. Odds are, you’ll see a theme appear and this is usually the most important factor for you. It’s a great way to assess your gut instinct and gut instincts are usually right, in my opinion.

How does one work from home? Well you have a few choices.

1. Ask your boss if you could work remotely from home. More and more companies are accommodating these requests. Make sure to present to you boss what he/she will gain by your working from home.

2. Start your own business that fits the lifestyle you want to design. I like network marketing because there is a low cost to begin compared to starting a traditional business. For more information about network marketing, visit my website moms with more time.

I want to hear from you! What are your experiences working from home? What are your tips for someone new to it? Post your comments below.