With so many skin care products available these days, it’s hard to feel confident in your choice. Here are my top 5 tips to consider when choosing new skin care products.

  1. first ingredient
  2. presence of chemicals
  3. value
  4. availability
  5. customer service

First Ingredient

Did you know that the first ingredient listed on the label actually makes up the majority of the product? That’s if you can find the list of ingredients. Most products out there are made up mostly of water (aqua). However, water doesn’t actually absorb into the skin so it’s possible that you’re overpaying for a product that is mostly water and not absorbing into the skin. Check out the ingredient list and decide if you like what you see. A good skin care product should be clearly labelled and not mostly water.

Presence of Chemicals

Generally speaking, try to stay away from chemicals. Products with natural ingredients will go bad without some kind of preservative but the skin care line should be very low on chemicals. Check the ingredients again, and make sure it’s only the last few things you see (the smallest ingredient).


How it costs is relative to how long it will last. A product that only lasts 1 month and is really expensive has less value than a high quality product that will last say 3-6 months. I believe in quality but I don’t think just because something is expensive or costs more, that it is of lower quality. I suggest judging the quality for yourself and then deciding how much value it has to you on a per month basis. Then you can work out the value and decide if it’s worth it. It’s possible to get good skin care that doesn’t break the bank so don’t be fooled by a high price.

Consider whether you’re paying in CAD or USD. Depending on which side of the border you are shopping, it could make a BIG difference.


Have you ever owned a great product but when it was gone, you had to go out of your way to get it or it couldn’t be had anymore? Ugh!  Try to choose a product that you can pick up easily or that can be shipped to you for just a small fee. Direct sales are perfect for that because they will usually give you a discount when you place a product on autoship & you don’t have to worry about running out.

Customer Service

Look for a product that has an expert attached to it. Someone who can explain to you how it works, let you try it and give you a chance to ask questions. There is absolutely no need for women to go into a drugstore and just pick something off the shelf. Many direct selling distributors will happily come to your home and give you a demo. They will follow up with you too & make sure you’re happy.

Overall, when its time for you to find a new skin care regime, take your time and use these top tips to feel confident in your choice.

Looking for a new skin care product that fits all of the above 5 criteria? Check out Empower International’s Confidence skin care line here.

probiotics and acne treatment

Did you know that acne is the most common skin disease and its estimated that 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have acne outbreaks at some point, according to NIH? Do you or someone dear to you suffer from irritating acne? Now you can help them and yourself, for a lot less than you probably think….

Probiotics and acne treatment

It’s now possible to harness the power of probiotic technology for your face to help acne, scarring and other skin conditions. But you can only get this from one company and look out world, it’s Canadian – from Calgary, Alberta! Thanks to science we can now use probiotic technology to help clear up your acne and heal your skin, beautifully.

Probiotic Technology

Empower International now has the same technology behind ingesting probiotics.  These probiotics help rid our systems of bad bacteria and enhance good bacteria. When we ingest probiotics, it’s usually live Lactobacillus and/or Bifidobacterium. For probiotics and acne treatment topically however, it’s not live bacteria but rather, the technology behind how probiotics work.  The trick is to get this technology into the skin, not just on it. And that’s where science & Empower International steps in. Yeah! I love science….

Why Aloe Vera

probiotics and acne treatment with aloe

Aloe delivers powerful probiotic technology to fight acne.

Insert the magic of aloe vera, a magical plant used for centuries, and it just got a whole lot better

Not only is Aloe Vera anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and healing, it is transdermal – it absorbs into the skin, carrying Empower’s other indigenous natural ingredients with it AND probiotic technology.  Water does not.  Almost all skin & hair products out there are made mostly of water. Consider this: if your skin absorbed water, every time you took a bath you’d become a bloated human body. Ugh. Check out what you’re using now, is the first ingredient water? For more info on this, check out this neat article.

Empower International’s products contain an extremely high content of organic aloe.  So now exists an inexpensive, effective delivery system for this technology.  When Empower combined its aloe-first skin care line with probiotic technology, it became the first (and only) Canadian company to offer this simple, inexpensive solution to acne and other skin irritations. Learn more about Empower International here.

The science part

Emopwer’s ProRenew Complex, CLRTM (the probiotic involved), acts on essential features in the aging process of the skin, its ability to renew itself and to act as a bio-sensor. Therefore, the CLRTM helps the skin cell adapt to external stresses quickly and effectively, accelerating skin renewal. The aloe helps to heal and reduce inflammation. Yay science… again.

This product only came to the market in December 2016 so you probably haven’t heard of it. You’re the first of your friends most likey. It takes a while for news to spread and that’s why Empower, a social selling company, is the perfect company to sell this product. You can use it, share it, and build a small business with it. As a distributor for Empower, you’ll get a wholesale discount. Just saying! To learn more about that opportunity, CLICK HERE NOW.

probiotics and acne treatment

Organic Aloe Night Treatment uses probiotic technology to fight acne

How to use it

Every night, apply a dime size amount to clean skin at bedtime.  It will quickly absorb & the aloe works to deliver the probiotic technology to where it’s needed, into the skin. It will not leave residue on your bedding, will not make your skin oily & is invisible to others (sneaky, eh?). Using it at night will compliment natural skin regeneration -which happens while we sleep.

The soft gel contains lavender essential oil that is simply luxurious. You get a peaceful relaxing feeling immediately, helping you fall into a comfy sleep. If you touch your skin at night or in the morning, your skin feels as soft as a new born baby’s.

In the morning, rinse and complete your morning skin care regime as normal. Don’t clean the skin again – it’s still clean. Just rinse and use Empower’s Youth Infusion/Eye Serum and am/pm moisturizer (Nurture) to amplify your radiant, youthful skin. Professional TIP: Use the Empower Foaming Cleanser and Renew Natural Enzyme Exfoliant beforehand (1-2 times/week) to rid the surface skin of dead skin. The EB3 is a perfect adjunct to Empower’s Organic Aloe Night Treatment.

In conclusion, if you suffer from acne or other skin conditions, I recommend you give this night treatment a try right away. You’ll want to order it from the website and take before/after pictures. Remember, a little goes a long way so don’t over use it. A small amount is enough and the jar should last you 3 to 6 months. Have questions about using Empower’s skin care line? Call 1-587-400-0786 and leave a message with your name and #.

Get yours NOW for a special introductory price of $56.  Qualify for FREE SHIPPING with coupon code C-2017 through Jan 31, 2017.

organic aloe night treatment from Empower