The Industry

Network marketing, direct selling, social selling, multi-level marketing has been around for a very long time.

But what is it really?

You see, in traditional business a very large portion of revenue is spent on marketing and advertising so when you go to purchase something via retail shopping, youre paying for that marketing and advertising. In direct selling (or social selling), the owners of the companies pay individuals like you and me that money so that we can advertise word-of-mouth. Its a win-win. The sales reps like you and I earn commission on sales we make and the business owners have an army of sales reps.

The direct sellers association of Canada reports that 58.5% of these sales reps have post-secondary education. For example, I am a Respiratory Therapist by trade but work a social selling business full time because it is more rewarding for me. The DSA also reports that 91% of us give to charity and most of us are married.

The beauty of this industry is that in order to become successful at it, you have to grow as in individual. You wont get very far if youre not learning new skills. And like Jim Rohn & Eric Worre always say, its not what you get but who you become that is the real reward from becoming a successful rep for a great company.

And there are MANY companies to choose from. Here are my tips for making the choice:

1.Choose just ONE company and stick with them. If you try to do more than one, you wont be able to focus. Women are great at multi-tasking but dont do it here. There is a great YouTube video from Mary Christensen on this.

2.Choose a company with products you A. use & B. love. Its really hard to share a great product if you dont believe in it.

3.Is there a strong community of support where you live? Its good to know people in your area to work and collaborate with.

4.Look at any monthly minimum orders. Some companies have a fair amount of product you need to purchase regularly and some companies allow you to purchase what you need, when you need it.

The Direct Sellers Association of Canada reports that close to 800,000 Canadians are involved whose sales were over $2 billion. This industry is growing so rapidly that you likely know many women already involved. The question is – in the next few years are you going to be purchasing from them or are they going to be purchasing from you. Youll likely do both so the faster you get started, the faster youll learn and begin to earn.